Apartment & Multi-Family waste management

Waste and Recycling Programs

helping your community

Whether you’re a current property manager or looking into owning a Multi-Family property, Atlas Disposal has any type of Multi-Family waste management program you need to make it the best and most comfortable place to live. Atlas Disposal is the leader in providing any residential garbage service to fill your tenant's needs.

Atlas Disposal provides multiple options depending on the size of the property like:

  • Containers that are clearly labeled, well kept, and in excellent condition
  • Mixed-use containers that can accept a variety of recyclables like newspapers, magazines, junk mail, plastic, glass, cans, milk jugs, and cardboard
  • Smaller sized trash carts for those tight spaces up to 8 cubic yard containers for large properties
  • 10-40 cubic yard roll-off project containers for all lawn & landscape maintenance or unit remodels and refurbishments
  • Free waste and recycling program consultation
  • Compactor Service - whether it is trash, recycling, or food waste; Atlas Disposal is seasoned in handling and servicing your compactor.

To learn more about our recycling programs contact us online or call (916) 455-2800 to speak to our friendly staff.