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Atlas Disposal Trucks are as Proud of our Partnership as the Whole Atlas Disposal Team !!


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Atlas Disposal has been Proud Partners of Sacramento Republic FC since 2013, We were finally able to update our trucks on the road May 2016 with some sleek graphics.

The Future of Reducing California Food Waste in Landfills


This is a great article from the Sacramento Bee regarding food waste recycling and what the future holds for California landfills. AB1826 is just around the corner (April 1st, 2016).

Atlas can help you Get started TODAY on your food waste recycling program. We help you in every step of the way to implement your initiatives! We’re improving the environment in any way we can and helping in reaching California’s goal of recycling 75% of waste by 2020.

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Zero Food Waste with a Hot Italian

Hot Italian is one of our newest food waste customers we started back in March and they are a great example of a zero waste business!

What does zero waste mean? Hot Italian only generates food waste and recycling on site with nothing going to the landfills. Their food waste is fueling our trucks with compressed natural gas. Hot Italian is a leader when it comes to sustainability and their pizzas are AMAZING! Thank you ‪#‎HOTITALIAN‬!

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CRRC Reports Recycling Progams Affected Heavily Port Stoppage

Recycling programs across California are taking a big hit by the recent Labor Dispute.

An excerpt appears below:

Due to the labor dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA),refuse collection and recycling companies in California have been forced to stockpile and in some cases warehouse, bales of recyclable material. “The continued slowdown is having serious implications on our industry’s ability to fulfill contractual obligations designed to achieve maximum recycling and waste diversion goals” declared CRRC President Sil Garaventa Jr. “There now exists a real danger that these recyclable materials could be landfilled because of the degradation of the recycled material, undermining the very goal of our recycling management operations and California’s environmental goals” added Garaventa.

Follow the link for the full article – CRRC press Release Feb 19 2015

Farm to fork to … fuel?!

by Siemny Chhuon, KXTV 11:03 p.m. PDT May 8, 2014

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Photo Courtesy News 10 Sacramento

Sacramento is at the forefront of the movement known as “closing the loop.”

Food is grown locally, it feeds the community and then the organic food waste is converted into renewable energy — from farm to fork to fuel.

In south Sacramento, trash company Atlas Disposal diverts organic waste that would have gone into a landfill and uses it to produce renewable gas. Continue reading Farm to fork to … fuel?!