Go Green with Organic and Food Waste Recyling

Organic Waste

Organic waste is waste that can break down naturally.  Organic waste covers all things related to food waste, yard waste, green waste, and wood waste.  At Atlas Disposal, we like to talk about green waste and yard waste separately from food waste because of customers for each are different and require different education and waste solutions.

List of Organic Waste Materials

  • Floral trimmings
  • Branches and stems
  • Leaves
  • Grass and lawn trimmings
  • Weeds
  • Sawdust
  • Non-painted wood

Should I compost my organic waste?

All of your green waste, yard waste, and food waste can be diverted in a few different directions to be recycled and reused.  For a long time, all of your organic waste could be mixed to create compost for everyone to use. Modern technology has developed ways to turn fresh green waste and food waste materials into renewable energy.  That could be in the form of renewable electricity or renewable natural gas.

Organic Waste as Renewable Energy

Over 60% of the Atlas Disposal fleet runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) that is sourced as renewable natural gas (RNG) from renewable sources!  Check out our energy division at ReFuelEnergyPartners.com for more information.

Get Started with Organic Waste

If your residence or business is interested in recycling your organic waste, fill out our quote form, or contact us for more information.

Food Waste

When talking about food waste solutions – we partner with you to understand your business and provide some food waste education specific to your needs.

List of Food Waste Recycling Items

Food scraps that are frozen, fresh or spoiled and food-soiled paper are the most typical food waste items. Other generic food waste items include:

  • Meat and bones
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Bread and Pasta
  • Eggshells
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee grounds
  • Coffee filters
  • Seafood
  • Pizza boxes
  • Used napkins
  • Paper take-out containers
  • Tea bags
  • Wax paper

These items can be put into a specific food waste bin or food waste bag as long as the bag is clear (see-through).

Food Waste vs. Organic Waste

While food waste is organic by definition – food waste recycling is new to many consumers. We work with you to develop the best food waste recycling program for you.

Get Started with Food Waste Recycling

We offer food waste recycling programs for commercial customers only at this time. In Salt Lake City, Atlas Disposal brings it experience in food waste management handling to the Wasatch Front.

If your business is interested in learning what recycling food waste could mean for you, fill out our quote form or contact us for more information.