Sustainability with Atlas Disposal

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is all about putting junk in the right spot.  Not everything needs to go to a land-fill to sit there.  You’ve probably heard of the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?” That phrase is the essence of sustainability.

Top Reusable Materials

For example, construction waste has a high level of reusability.  Materials such as:

  • concrete
  • asphalt
  • wood
  • metal

and many others that are commonly generated as construction waste during a demolition or build process can be diverted from a land-fill and reused again.

Sustainability for Residential and Commercial

For the residential or commercial clients, you can help create a sustainable future by recycling

  • cardboard
  • aluminum and tin cans
  • junk mail from your mailbox
  • newspapers
  • clear & colored plastics

For a full list of what you can recycle see our “What Can I Recycle Page?

All of these materials – whether construction waste or every-day recycling items – can be kept out of landfills and contribute to a more sustainable world.

See how we can help you discover your sustainability solutions.

Air Quality

Air Quality is impacted by our waste, for good or bad. One way we can improve the quality of our air is by using sustainable and renewable fuels in our vehicles & promote the reuse and recycling of materials which leave less waste that leads to pollution. At Atlas Disposal, the vast majority of our fleet runs on renewable natural gas, leading to cleaner air for all of us.

If your business would like to contribute to the improvement of air quality, including converting your business fleet vehicles to CNG, please visit our energy division at for more information