LEED Certification Services For Sacramento, CA & Salt Lake City, UT

LEED Certification through the US Green Building Council
Waste Sorting at a Construction Site - Atlas Can help you achieve your LEED creditsWe specialize in LEED jobs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – click here to find out more)  and provide customized recycle programs to help achieve your LEED credits and LEED certification. We will even provide a 4 yard mixed recycle container at your job trailer for all paper products, newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.

Atlas Disposal has a LEED credentialed employee on staff who works with our customers to obtain LEED certification in Sacramento or Salt Lake. We will provide custom reporting as well as get maximum diversion for all materials coming from your job site.


Atlas Disposal is efficient in their trash and recycling off-hauls from our jobsite. Once we make the call for a pick-up, their drivers are quickly onsite picking up and replacing large containers of construction debris. Their office staff is very communicative and helpful as well. Any questions on size or function options for onsite waste containment can be answered by most of the office personnel, and if there is any continued inquiry, they find the answer. I was contacted by the President of Atlas Disposal on a couple occasions to clarify some questions I had.

In addition, with the industry leaning toward Green Building and environmentally conscious construction practices, Atlas Disposal provides, on a monthly or as-needed basis, a report of all off-hauled material from the jobsite. This report lists each type of material leaving the job, be it metal, cardboard, drywall, wood, or mixed trash, and then calculates what percentage of the materials were recycled and diverted from landfills.

If you’re attempting certain LEED credits, this is a great tool for your record keeping.

Brian Hoopes 
LEED AP Project Engineer | Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc.

To learn more about our LEED Certification capabilities or to setup the right program for your job site,  contact us online or call (916) 455-2800 to speak with our friendly staff.