Multi-Family Recycling Programs

Multi-family recycling programs through free consultation with Atlas Disposal.A good Multi-family recycling program is extremely important for Apartment Communities and residents of other multi-family dwellings as they can generate a large amount of a community’s residential waste.  Many multi-family and apartment communities are subject to local ordinances requiring multi-family recycling programs for this reason.  

AB 1826 Solid Waste: Organic Waste Recycling Programs

As of April 1st, 2016 it is now a requirement that Multifamily Buildings with five or more units collect Yard Trimmings for composting or green waste recycling.  Atlas Disposal can help your community create a recycling program that complies with the new requirements.  Read more about AB 1826 here.

A recycling program needs to be easy to implement  to increase the likelihood that residents will choose to participate and make the program a success.  Atlas Disposal is the leader in providing creative recycling solutions to match local ordinances and to fill the needs of apartment complex management while keeping residents happy. We can provide the following at competitive rates:

  • Containers, bins and dumpsters that are clearly labeled, well kept, and in €œlike new€ condition
  • Mixed use containers and recycling dumpsters that can accept all fiber, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, plastic, glass bottles, cans, milk jugs, and cardboard. Simplifying the recycling process with a mixed use dumpster can encourage greater participation from residents.
  • Atlas Disposal dumpster sizes ranging from 96 gallon wheeled totes (for tight spaces) to larger 8 cubic yard containers
  • 10-40 cubic yard green-waste dumpsters are available for lawn maintenance and landscaping projects.
  • Free waste and recycling program analysis – have one of our experienced associates help you create the perfect recycling program for your property.


To learn more about our recycling programs  and how to become compliant with AB 1826 contact us online or call (916) 455-2800 to speak to our friendly staff.

Community recycling Programs in Sacramento