Customized Waste Management Training

Whether you are a small business wanting to be more environmentally friendly or a large corporation trying to meet all the regulations in your sector, our training can help you educate your employees on the best waste management practices.

We customize training for your company’s waste management and employee needs. We offer training in-person, over the phone with conference calls, or through email.

What do we teach?

We train customers on how to sort their waste correctly into the different bins. More recently, we focus our training on customers who have started organics services and explaining to them what can now go into the organics bin rather than the garbage.

We train so customers can utilize their services to the fullest extent, bring awareness to recycling and composting regulations, and reduce contamination.

Continued Training Support

After initial training, we keep our customers in the loop with state regulations and recycling thresholds, so they understand the services they need to be compliant.

For any questions or to schedule a training session for your company, email our sustainability coordinator, Nikki Ardalan.