Driveways vs. Dumpsters: Keeping Your Driveway Damage Free

Imagine this. You’ve finally finished spring cleaning. The broken bar stool, the seven-year-old crib, and the curtains your aunt’s dog shredded to pieces have been exiled from your property. The 10-yard dumpster you rented sits in your driveway. It’s full of junk you hope never to see or think about again.

The house smells like window cleaner and spring flowers; the yard like freshly mowed grass. There’s so much more room than you remember. It’s wonderful. The last thing is for the waste disposal company to come and take the dumpster off your driveway. With that eyesore removed, everything will be right in the world.

As the dumpster screeches onto the truck, you’re met with a terrible shock. You thought the dumpster was an eyesore before, but this is worse! It looks like a party of bears has been by and clawed gauges into your cement parking space. It’s completely ruined your day.

Four Ways Dumpsters Can Damage Properties


These are the most serious and, thankfully, the least common kind of damage incurred by a dumpster. If scraping does occur, it generally is shallow and repairable.


Stains occur when people put liquid in the dumpster, and it leaks through onto a driveway. If a dumpster is kept in the same place for an extended period, it can begin to rust and stain the ground underneath.


When the dumpster is placed on a soft surface, like grass, its weight can compress the grass and ground underneath. In almost all cases, these impressions are temporary and will fade within hours to days.


Dumpsters can lead to litter around the area where the dumpster is. This is especially true if users are careless or if the dumpster is filled with light papers and wrappers that are easily carried off on a windy day.

What You Can Do to Avoid Dumpster Damage?

Prepare Beforehand

Making a plan for how you will deal with a dumpster on your property before it shows up stacks all the odds in your favor. Think about how long the dumpster will be there. Think about what other purposes the place you plan to put the dumpster normally serves. Then get all set by following these steps:

  1. Clear the area – This makes dropping the dumpster off a much smoother process.
  2. Pace It Out – Your waste disposal company can give you the dimensions of the dumpster. Make a rough estimate by taking large paces to get a vision of where the dumpster will sit.
  3. Use Wooden Planks – If it’s being placed on soft ground, planks can spread the weight out and cause much less impact.
  4. Consider the Truck Driver – Can a truck back up into your chosen space?

Pick Dumpster Placement Carefully

Dumpsters are heavy, tall, and long. If you risk bottoming out your car driving onto your driveway, it’s probably not the best place to put a dumpster down. In general, avoid:

  • Steep driveways
  • Areas susceptible to flooding
  • Important access routes
  • Hard-to-access places

Think About What You Will Put Into Your Dumpster

Most Salt Lake dumpster rental companies will clearly explain what can and can’t be put into a dumpster. If this isn’t the case, however, make sure you consider what will happen in the off chance it leaks out of the dumpster. Would it be okay if this bucket of old paint leaked here? What about this oil? Being selective and intentional about what you put in a dumpster is the best way to avoid stains on your driveway.

Avoid Overfilling Your Dumpster

Overfilled dumpsters are the most likely to spill litter into the surrounding environment. Most dumpsters are open-topped. If stormy weather comes in, have you created a litter bomb waiting to go off? Overfilled dumpsters also weigh more which can lead to grazed driveways or deeper impressions in soft ground.

Don’t Keep a Dumpster for Too Long

Allowing a dumpster sit around for longer than a week or two can lead to damage from rust stains. Organize a pick-up time before the dumpster is dropped off. Rental companies will generally follow up with you to keep you honest. Renting dumpsters for a long time can cost much more too. In extreme cases, the dumpster will protect an area it sits on from sun damage, so when it is removed, there will be a sun-bleached reverse stain.

What To Do if your Driveway is Damaged

The first thing to do is to let the rental company know. Waste management services, like Atlas Disposal, take customer service seriously and will go out of their way to fix any damages. In some cases, the damage is not the fault of the dumpster or company but because of improper use. Then, it’s best to clean up as best you can or call in professionals to repair the damage. Ground impressions and smashed grass will generally return to normal within a few weeks.

Looking For A Dumpster?

Whether for spring cleaning or a construction project, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Atlas Disposal to get the best rental dumpster available. Now you’re equipped to handle a dumpster without damaging your driveway; It’s time to get all that junk out of your way.