From the beginning, Atlas Disposal has been focused on keeping materials out of the landfill.

Atlas Disposal’s commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our culture, reflecting our dedication to People, Planet, and Prosperity. From our fleet of eco-friendly trucks to providing education on recyclable materials, our transparent approach and sustainable initiatives allow us to positively impact the environment and provide effective environmental solutions.

Eco-Friendly Vehicles

At Atlas Disposal, we’re proud to lead the way in environmentally friendly waste management services. Nearly our entire fleet of trucks in California and Utah run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), drastically reducing emissions compared to diesel vehicles.


Less Carbon Dioxide


Less Nitrogen Oxides


Less Particulate Vehicles

Join us in our commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Sustainable Operations

At Atlas Disposal, we aim to be nearly 100% sustainable in all aspects of our business. We are a leader in eco-friendly environmental solutions. When working with discarded materials, we utilize a variety of facilities to recycle as much as possible. We also offer comprehensive assistance in locating the right facilities and containers for a wide range of materials to fit your needs. Through our sustainable efforts, we are maximizing the diversion of recyclable materials that otherwise would have ended up at a landfill. We also offer our clients detailed diversion reporting that tracks recycling rates, so you and your company can make conscious decisions in favor of the environment.

To get more information and discover additional sustainability resources, give us a call or visit our resources page.

Recycling Education & Training

We believe in the power of education to drive environmental change. Our personalized customer training equips you and your team with the knowledge and tools to effectively recycle materials. As a resource for environmental solutions, we’re committed to helping you make a positive impact on the planet through informed choices and sustainable practices. Learn more about our education and training services surrounding recycling by visiting our resources page or contacting our sustainability coordinator.

California Clients

Organic Food Waste Recycling

Did you know that organic waste contributes to 20% of the state’s methane emissions, which is more potent than carbon dioxide? California’s Senate Bill 1383 is a step toward reducing emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP) by cutting organic waste disposal. This initiative aims for a 50% reduction by 2020 and 75% by 2025. Through our sustainable efforts, we aim to help you and your business comply and contribute to positive, eco-friendly environmental solutions. Learn more about organic food waste by viewing our Guide or giving us a call.