Everything you Need to Know About Roll-off Dumpsters

Imagine you’re discussing your home renovation plans with a neighbor when they suggest you should get a roll-off to help things run smoothly. You might have heard of roll-off dumpsters before but never took the time to properly learn what they are, let alone consider renting one. Well, you’re in luck. Here are the basics about roll-off dumpsters, what they are used for, and why your neighbor might have recommended them to you in the first place.

What are roll-off dumpsters?

Like most dumpsters, roll-off dumpsters are rectangular waste storage containers. The roll-off part of roll-off dumpsters refers to how local waste disposal companies transport them to specific locations. The dumpsters have wheels allowing specially designed trucks to roll them on and off the truck’s bed. These wheels make them easy to transport to residential properties, construction sites, and waste disposal facilities.

Roll-off dumpsters are open-topped. Not having a lid makes them simple to fill and empty, especially since they are generally only used to store waste temporarily.

What size roll-off dumpster should I get?

In the United States, dumpsters generally come in four different sizes. Most waste disposal companies offer 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters. Take note that the yard measurement refers to the cubic space contained in the dumpster, not its length. A 40-yard dumpster isn’t 40 yards long.

For most home projects, a 15 or 20-yard dumpster is sufficient. Industrial construction projects or multi-apartment cleanouts might consider a 30 or 40-yard roll-off. In the end, the rental price depends more on the weight of debris you dispose of than the size of the dumpster.

A final constraint on size comes down to where you plan to place the dumpster. You will need a space on the property to fit the dumpster and the truck when it comes to drop off and pick up. Talk with the rental company’s staff if you are at a loss for what dimensions your situation will require. They can help you determine the appropriate size.

What circumstances call for a roll-off dumpster?

Any time you have a sudden increase in garbage or debris, a roll-off dumpster is ideal for managing this waste to keep your property, venue, or site orderly and litter free. Some common uses include:

Yard Clean-up – Unfortunately, that massive pile of hedge trimmings isn’t going to compost overnight. Roll-off dumpsters are perfect for disposing of unwanted bio-waste since their open tops make them easy to load with large branches, big bags of leaves, and other debris.

Large Functions or Events – Think high school dances, music festivals, catered dinners, etc. Anywhere a lot of people gather to celebrate, compete, or learn, they will produce large amounts of garbage. A roll-off on the periphery or just outside makes the clean-up after such an event a thousand times less chaotic.

Moving – Most people are taken back at just how much stuff they have in their home when moving day comes around. Much of it needs to be thrown out, along with loose bits of packaging and expired odds and ends from the pantry. Relying on your ordinary garbage bins when decluttering a house can quickly lead to a frustrating and messy situation.

Building Projects – Construction, whether a small extension to your own home or a commercial effort, creates a substantial amount of waste. Roll-off dumpsters are perfect for consuming loose bits of materials at the end of the day and keeping the work area tidy.

What are the benefits of roll-off dumpsters?

Compared to many other kinds of dumpsters, roll-off dumpsters are incredibly versatile in where they can be placed. Easy filling and hassle-free removal process are also benefits. And of course, their large size and ability to take it all in one load is a huge benefit. There’s a reason these kinds of dumpsters are everywhere.

How long can I have a roll-off dumpster on my property?

This depends on what you are using it for. Generally, anything longer than a few weeks might be better suited to a dumpster with a closed top. However, if it’s a one-off event with a large volume of trash, roll-offs are definitely the dumpster of choice.

Having a big dumpster sitting around isn’t exactly the prettiest thing. With this in mind, many companies will pick it up again in 24 hours or less from when they dropped it off. Roll-off dumpsters are tall enough that most people won’t be able to see over the edge, making them more appealing than a loose pile of trash or an overflowing garbage bin.

Can I get a roll-off dumpster today?

Yes! If you live in the Sacramento or Salt Lake City areas, Atlas Disposal is many people’s go-to waste disposal and roll-off dumpster rental company. Get in contact with our team and get excited about finally having an entire dumpster at your disposal.