How can property managers encourage their tenants to recycle?

Recycling is one of the most critical steps in helping our environment. It reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators and reduces greenhouse gasses. Many renters don’t recycle because they don’t think about the importance of it or because their circumstances make it difficult to do so. If you’re a property manager, you can help change your tenants’ outlook on recycling. Read on for some tips on making a conscious effort to encourage recycling among your tenants.
Bailey Moran

Bailey Moran

Make It Convenient

One of the best ways to encourage recycling among your tenants is to make it convenient. Tenants won’t get into the habit of recycling if you make it difficult for them. Recycling must be made easy for them so that it becomes a daily habit. For this, you need to stage your containers. Place your recycling containers in common areas. Tenants aren’t likely to recycle if they have to go all the way to their apartment or the dockside. Recycling containers must be made accessible to everyone.
George Beatty

George Beatty

Announce Recycling Guidelines

One of the best ways to encourage your tenants to recycle is to announce recycling guidelines. You must clearly mention the process or steps to dispose of their garbage properly as per the disposal system. If tenants are found breaching these guidelines, they might face consequences. Keep on educating your tenants about this as many people lack recycling knowledge. To make this activity even more fun, you can plan on creating games related to recycling.
Brenton Thomas

Brenton Thomas

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Incentivizing Recycling Through Rewards Programs or Contests

As property managers, encouraging tenants to recycle can have a significant impact on the environment and the community. 1. Firstly, providing recycling bins and clear signage can make it easy and convenient for tenants to recycle. 2. Secondly, educating tenants about the benefits of recycling and the proper way to dispose of recyclables can increase awareness and encourage participation. 3. Thirdly, incentivizing recycling through rewards programs or contests can also be effective in motivating tenants to recycle. Finally, partnering with local recycling centers or organizations can provide resources and support for tenants to recycle responsibly. By implementing these strategies, property managers can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable community.

Denise Supplee

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Get Kids Involved, Hang Posters to Grab Attention

To keep your renter’s recycling, the most important thing is to make sure it is easy. For instance: ● Provide easy access to recycling containers. Make sure that they are not overflowing. If you have community containers, make them stand out, easy to get to and convenient to use. ● Get kids involved. You would be surprised at how they take this seriously. Provide each renter a book, or coloring book that encourages kids to recycle. ● Make sure everyone in the office is recycling as well. It is very hypocritical to command this from your renter, while being lax about it. Make sure all staff including maintenance are involved. ● Consider a contest. Have renters and their children create posters, or videos about the good of recycling. Winner gets a gift certificate. ● Hang attention getting posters in the rental office.

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