Is Spring Cleaning Overrated? The Best Time to Get Rid of Waste

Spring cleaning is a social construct. But it seems so set in stone you can almost imagine our cave dweller ancestors getting the clan together in April for the annual washout of the cave. While it’s true that a thorough yearly cleaning can work wonders for our homes, dealing with waste throughout the year is a task that should not be overlooked.

Waste removal services play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and sustainability, particularly for businesses and multi-family apartments. Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of removing waste throughout each season.


Long days, warmer weather, and time off offer unique benefits for business waste removal, but there are some challenges too.


  • Outdoor Cleanups – Summer is undoubtedly the time to focus on outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, and shared recreational areas. Removing garden waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, and branches, before they start decomposing.
  • Vacation Season – For a lot of businesses, summer vacations mean fewer people at work and, therefore, less waste in general. It might be a good time to reinvent or improve efficiency with your waste removal process.


  • Irregular Needs – Everyone has different summer plans, meaning there might be a lot of waste at one point and no waste the next week. This fluctuation can make trying to abide by a regular pickup schedule frustrating.

Example: Ski fields during the quieter summer season might try changing to a new Salt Lake City waste pickup service while operations are at a minimum.


Fall can be a busy time with work and school back in full force. In some ways, it might be the best time to do a big cleanout before the seasons change. That way, everything is in tip-top shape for the holidays.


  • Yard Waste Cleanup – Fall brings colors and piles and piles of leaves. Maybe it’s the best time to get a 20-yard dumpster rental for all that organic waste on your property. Removing fallen leaves and branches spruces up appearances and prevents hazards such as slick leaves on concrete.
  • Donation Opportunities -Fall is the time to donate gently used items to charities, including hospice and goodwill foundations. This clears out your apartment complex or space and helps others simultaneously.


  • Seasonal Challenges – Depending on the location, fall may present weather-related challenges, such as heavy rain or early snowfall. Poor weather can complicate waste removal plans and delay pickups.

Example: A residential community property management company could organize a neighborhood cleanup day in the fall, encouraging residents to clear their yards, dispose of leaves, and donate items at designated collection points. The company makes it smooth and simple by working with waste removal services to ensure prompt disposal.


Winter isn’t a fun time to be loading an outdoor dumpster, and snowy areas can make collection difficult. However, the weather can focus your attention on other waste management projects.


  • Indoor Organization – Winter is the perfect time to declutter and organize indoor spaces, such as garages, basements, offices, and living areas.
  • Reduced Pests – Colder temps mean fewer vermin getting into dumpsters waiting for pick up. That’s a win.


  • Weather Constraints – You’ve heard it once, and you’ll hear it again, but winter means lousy weather. Disrupted travel plans and icy roads can make big cleanouts more difficult. Luckily, waste disposal companies like Atlas Disposal have adequate contingency plans to address these challenges.

Example: A large corporate office could use the quieter winter season to conduct an internal waste audit and implement more effective disposal practices. This effort could mean adding garbage cans at every desk so they only need emptying once a week.


After all the doubting, it still holds; Spring is an ideal season to kickstart waste removal efforts. Everything is being refreshed and renewed, and cleaning just feels right.


  • Opportunity for Deep Cleaning – Spring presents a chance to tackle accumulated winter waste, such as broken or outdated items, old documents, or expired products.
  • Increased Motivation – The energy associated with the season can inspire action and commitment to thorough cleanouts that just seem like too much at other times of the year.


  • Potential Overwhelm – Spring cleaning can become a daunting task if excessive waste has accumulated over time. As everyone else starts posting success stories about their spotless apartments and properties, it’s a good time to remember that there is more than one season to rent a dumpster and do a thorough cleanout.

Example: Rather than trying to do a spring clean out of the entire property, a California apartment complex decides to only focus on collecting bulky and oversized pieces of junk. They contact a waste company that delivers bulky waste pickup in Sacramento. While it’s not a traditional spring cleaning, it’s manageable and still gives residents a feeling of extra space and freedom.

As the old saying goes, there is a season for everything. And it’s true. Waste management can be divided into sub-tasks that each have their appropriate season. So, let’s not limit spring cleaning activities to spring alone and realize the magic of year-round waste removal.