What are the best and most creative ways to recycle old newspapers?

Although the consumption of newspapers is dramatically less than it was a decade or two ago, newspapers do still exist. And as such, the waste they create impacts our environment. Recycling old newspapers is vital to help minimize this environmental impact. However, recycling doesn’t have to be boring; it can even be fun. Keep reading as a few of our readers share the best and most creative ways to recycle old newspapers.

Dave Conway

Dave Conway

Make Something Useful And Beautiful

In my [opinion], the best and most creative way to recycle an old newspaper is by repurposing it. For instance, you can use it for packing materials, as a fire starter, or to make paper mache crafts. [You] can also use newspaper to line drawers and shelves.

Another creative way to recycle an old newspaper is to use it as mulch around your garden or flower beds. This will help keep the soil moist and will also help reduce weeds. Additionally, you can use newspapers to make a compost bin.

Finally, you can use newspaper to make your wrapping paper or paper beads. Overall, there are endless creative ways to recycle an old newspaper, and these are just a few possibilities. With a little creativity, you can turn an old newspaper into something useful and beautiful.

AJ Silberman-Moffitt

AJ Silberman-Moffitt

Senior Editor and Buzz Ambassador at Tandem Buzz.

Make A Fire Starter, Wrapping Paper, Toys, Jewelry, And More

Here are some ways you can reuse old newspapers:

1. Start A Fire: Old newspapers make great long-burning kindling. Roll your paper into a tube and then tie it into a knot. These knotted newspaper sections will hold up logs, allowing for better air circulation.

2. Wrapping Paper: Who said that you have to go to the store and buy new wrapping paper or a gift bag when giving a present to someone? Using newspaper is an adorable way to wrap a gift; you can adorn it with any color bow or something cute.

3. Make Toys: If you have youngsters or you spend time with the kids of your friends or relatives, they will enjoy making things out of old newspapers. Hats, boats, and airplanes are common items to make, but you can also use old newspapers to learn the art of origami. Tanoshi-sō; (that’s Japanese for “sounds fun!”)

4. Line Kitty Litter Or Puppy Pans: You don’t need to invest in expensive pee pads for your tiny furry friends when your old newspaper will do just as well. Granted, you will need to change this more often than sturdier pad options, but at least you know you’ll be doing well by the environment.

5. Make Jewelry: Yes, I am suggesting that you can make jewelry (that is durable, no less) out of old newspaper. Cut the paper into long, thin triangles. They should be roughly ¾ inch wide at the base and 12 inches long. Roll the paper around a pin (which will provide the hold for your bead) with the large part of the paper on the inside. Once rolled, seal them with Mod Podge or another craft sealant. They are not only adorable, but they make great conversation starters.

6. Donate To Your Local Library, Shelter, Or Nursing Home: Many non-profit organizations will gladly take old newspapers off your hands. Some will give them to employees or residents of their facility to read or use for their crafts.

Most importantly, now that you know some ways to reuse old newspapers, it’s important to find ways to reduce usage. Instead of subscribing to a paper newspaper, you can sign up to receive the paper digitally. If you aren’t a digital fan, [consider] getting with one of your neighbors and see if they would be interested in sharing the paper.

We all [must] do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. As Billy Joel sang, “We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning.” Even so, that doesn’t mean we need to add flames to it.

David Louvet

David Louvet

Founder and CEO of Innovet Pet Products.

Craft Or Clean

For decades, newspapers have been a part of our everyday life. However, the consumption of printed newspapers has drastically decreased as digital media has grown. [People] typically discard newspapers after reading. But did you know that recycling old newspapers may be done in a variety of inventive ways?

Here are the top two inventive methods for recycling an old newspaper:

There are several methods for crafting with newspapers. Utilizing them for paper mache is one of the easiest methods. Make bowls, masks, and figurines using the paper mache process, which involves soaking paper in a solution of water and glue.

Use old newspapers to create paper beads that [you] can use to make jewelry. Utilizing old newspapers to create origami is another entertaining craft idea. You can create stunning origami cranes, flowers, and animals with a little bit of perseverance and imagination.

Newspapers work well to clean mirrors and windows. Use crumpled-up newspaper to wipe glass surfaces instead of paper towels, which may be inefficient and costly. Newspaper ink aids in the removal of filth and debris, leaving your windows streak-free.

Use newspapers to clean up accidents and spills around the house. Simply cover the spill with several layers of newspaper, and the paper will soak up the liquid. You can discard the newspaper once [you have] cleaned up the spill.

Jamie Irwin

Jamie Irwin

Editor and Landscape Designer at Windproof Gazebos.

Clean, Compost, Wrap, Or Donate

1. Donate To Animal Shelters- Many animal shelters and rescues can benefit from donating old newspapers. They can line cages and create a soft, comfortable bed for animals. Check with your local shelter to see if they accept newspaper donations.

2. Cleaning Windows And Mirrors- Old newspapers can be an excellent alternative to paper towels when cleaning windows and mirrors. Crumple up a sheet of newspaper and use it to wipe down the glass surface. They are also environmentally friendly and don’t leave lint or streaks behind.

3. Composting- Add old newspapers to your compost pile for carbon-rich material. Shredding the newspaper into small pieces will help it break down quickly and efficiently. This can be a great way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

4. Gift Wrapping- Old newspapers can be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping. Wrap your gift in a sheet of newspaper and tie it with twine or ribbon. You can even add your own personal touch by decorating the newspaper with stamps, stickers, or other embellishments.

Billy Parker

Billy Parker

Use As Packing Material, Mulch, Or Crafts

When it comes to recycling newspapers, there are a few creative and sustainable ways to do so. One way is to use the newspaper as a packing material when shipping items. This is a great way to reuse the newspaper and reduce the amount of plastic packaging used.

Another way to recycle newspapers is to shred them and use them as mulch in the garden. This is a great way to add extra nutrients to the soil and help plants grow.

Finally, use newspapers to make arts and crafts. This could include making paper mache, origami, or even a newspaper dress.

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