Landscaping & Yard Maintenance

Spring has sprung, and your yard might look a little worse for wear after the winter. Now is your time to clean it up and beautify your space to enjoy the warm summer weather. If you’re wanting to spend your evenings barbecuing with friends and family, watching your kids playing in the yards, here are some tips to get your yard in tip-top shape.

First step, do your research. Landscaping your yard, whether it’s just lawn maintenance or a full landscape overhaul, requires knowing what will work best for your yard. Look up your local climate, check what will grow best in your sunlight conditions, or, even better, head to your local plant nursery or garden store. The staff there knows the area and can help you plan out your plants. The key to a great garden is the maintenance of the space. In your plant planning, decide on high or low maintenance plants that fit your lifestyle, that you’ll have the time to care for in your garden, and find out what kind of prep they’ll need to thrive. You can aerate your lawn and put down fresh mulch in flower beds to help increase soil health for plants to grow well. Plants give you the opportunity to give character to the exterior of your home, whether you match a simple exterior with some simple plants or add lots of color through flowering plants. When you have your plant lineup decided on, create a map of where everything goes to make planting easier once you’ve cleared space.

Once you have everything planned out, you need to get the right tools for the job. You can rent tools and equipment from your local hardware store, and for all the waste you’re looking to remove, dumpster rentals are available and affordable from Atlas Disposal. Yard projects can pile up a lot of waste, from grass, shrub, and tree trimmings to removing full hedges to scraps from building amenities in your yard, and you don’t want those piling up in that brand new yard. While Salt Lake City waste pickup comes around a couple of times per year, waste container rental is the easiest way to do your projects on your schedule. Additionally, Atlas Disposal offers organic waste bins to collect and dispose of green waste naturally as compost or repurpose into renewable energy to power our fleet of trucks.

Now that you’ve done all the prep and clean-up work, now it’s time to get in the dirt. To ensure your plants grow well, plant them at the suggested time of year. Wait until your topsoil is dry before doing any power raking or aeration. After planting and lawn care, you can place any furniture or DIY projects. Reminder, if you’re planning to do any digging for your sprinkler system or a new yard addition like a fire pit, make sure to call 811 or go to to have any underground utility lines marked so you don’t dig into them. Call a few days ahead of your project to have a utility worker come mark any buried lines with flags or paint to ensure your safety during your work.

Springtime is an awesome opportunity to redefine your outdoor space. Whether it’s a little bit of cleanup and new plants or a total backyard makeover, Atlas Disposal can make your waste disposal easier with dumpster rentals. Atlas has waste containers for all sizes of projects from trash bins to roll off dumpsters. Click here to see our waste container rental options and get a quote.